Pool Service Preparing...


Call or email us today to get your pool looking crystal clear, year round! Our weekly service includes all chemicals, brushing of the walls and floor, netting all surface matter from the water, cleaning out skimmer basket and sweeper bags. We also do a ph test on every visit to ensure the pool is balanced and safe for your family to swim in.

We also repair and install sweepers, pumps, filters, timers, and heaters.

Is your pool a disaster area? Not to worry. We can do a full drain, acid wash, new water setup with perfectly balanced chlorine and acid, and cleaning of your filter to have your pool looking brand new again!

Weekly Pool Cleaning

Monthly and Weekly Pool Cleaning is a thorough once a week cleaning of your Pool or Spa. It includes: Skimming, Vacuumming, Netting, Brushing, pH Water Testing, adding and Balancing the Chemicals.
Call Us for a Free Inspection.

Algae Removal

This Procedure can take from 2 days to 2 weeks to clear up depending on how severe the problem is, with no need of changing the water. Your Pool is shocked for an additional charge with high levels of Chlorine to kill the algae.


Your Pool will naturally lose some water to Evaporation, some to Backwash wastewater and some to Splashout. If you are adding more than 2 inches of water to your Pool per week, you may have a leak.